e-Content Development

The Content Services are tailored to meet individual customer needs. These include extracting, cleansing, organizing and enriching existing data in multiple formats. Quality procedures like LTPD and six sigma are followed to ensure accuracy of data.

Content Development involves data mining of technical specifications from Catalogues/Journals supplied by various Manufacturers & Suppliers of Components worldwide. The data is used to provide a comprehensive, integrated solution for managing all indirect non-planned materials and strategic MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) buying in a single instance, allowing both localized order execution and global leverage. It helps companies monitor, decide and act on information to make long-term strategic decisions -- such as where to place a distribution center, or whether to use more suppliers -- down to the execution phase, when a company must react to last-minute changes like the breakdown of a delivery truck or a last-minute order change.

Concept Maps

Multiple choice questions(MCQ’s)

PowerPoint presentations

Story Boarding

Storyboards are graphic organizers in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre visualizing a motion picture,  animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequences. Most storyboards categorized into: Passive storyboards : Tell a story to the user. E.g.: Sketches, Pictures, Screen shots. etc. Active storyboards : Try to make the user to see a movie that hasn't actually been produced yet. E.g.: An automatically sequencing slide presentation or a computer simulation. etc. Interactive storyboards : Let the user experience the system in a practical way. Eg: Mock-ups or simulations. Etc. Adarsh proven excellence in providing all the types of storyboarding.